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Committees / Commissions - A-L
Airport Commission
Get details on the Airport Commission and the planning, development, and operation of the airport.

Arts Committee
View how this committee recommends plans and policies to further the city's commitment to the promotion, creation, and maintenance of public art.

Board of Review
Check out why this board certifies the assessment rolls and hears citizens appeals

Building Committee
Review the details of the Building Committee including members and meeting dates and times.

Commission On Aging
Look over how this commission addresses the needs and concerns of Middleton's elderly population.

Commission On Youth
Review how this commission addresses the needs and concerns of Middleton's younger population.

Community Development Authority
Find out who oversees the city's downtown redevelopment and workforce housing program.

Conservancy Lands Committee
See who recommends maintenance and restoration of conservancy zoned lands.

Emergency Medical Services Commission
Get the details on how the Emergency Medical Services Commission makes recommendations of annual budget, standard of care and general policies, and develops a regional response to issues concerning the EMS.

Emergency Preparedness Committee
Read over how the Emergency Preparedness Committee helps to prepare the city, local government, and departments for times of disaster and emergency.

Finance Committee
Peruse the ins and outs of how the Finance Committee advises the council relating to city financial matters.

Fire Commission
Review the members of the Fire Commission, the meeting times, and how the members serve the community.

Landmarks Commission
Check out how the Landmarks Commission recommends ways to safeguard the city's historic and cultural heritage, as embodied and reflected in its landmarks and historic districts.

Library Board
Discover how the Library Board is responsible for management oversight and operation of the city's library.

License & Ordinance Committee
Comprehend how the License & Ordinance Committee advises the council as to ordinances and amendments.