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Conservancy Lands & Trails

Conservancy Lands & Trails 

Trail Use Reminder:
Middleton Public Lands, Recreation, & Forestry staff wants to remind residents and conservancy area users the importance of staying on dedicated paths.  Users who leave the path endanger native plants and the ecosystem.  Also, it is against city ordinance to remove plants, including mushrooms, from public lands.  Users of the public lands system should report concerns or issues to our office at  or by phone at 608-821-8360.

Read about Pheasant Branch Conservancy being named as 1 of 4 unforgettable biking locations in WI!

Take  a  stroll  and  visit  over  15  trails  and  conservancies including  Pheasant  Branch, Graber  Pond, Tiedeman  Pond, Bock  Forest and  more.  The  Middleton  Public  Lands  Division  oversees  all  conservancy  land  and  trails  within  the  City  of  Middleton.  The  division  is  responsible  for  all  planning maintenance and  yearly  improvements  on  the  land  within  its  jurisdiction.

The  Pheasant  Branch  Conservancy  is  considered 1  of  100  Wisconsin  Wetland  Gems  and  1 of 26  Wetland  Workhorses. Please  see  the  Wetland  Gem  Flyer  for  more  information.  Wetland  Gem  books  are  also  available  in  the  Public  Lands  Department  at  City  Hall,  7426  Hubbard  Ave.  

Bock Community Forest
Bock Brochure

Newest Trails
Graber Pond Trail
South Fork Trail

Good Neighbor Trail (GNT)
Middleton Trail Map
Cross Plains Trail Map
Mazomanie Trail Map
Good Neighbor Trail Final Plan

Middleton Bike Park
Located at Pleasant View Golf Course (4279 Pleasant View Road).  For information regarding the Middleton Bike Park including trail conditions please visit the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (http://www.madcitydirt.com/) or like them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/corp.mtb.msn).  We encourage everyone to check the trail conditions before riding on the trails, doing so when closed can create considerable damage and impact the site for other users.

Cross Country Ski Trails
- CLOSED for the season. 
updated (3/14/17)
We offer ski trails at Pleasant View Golf Course (4279 Pleasant View Road) and Lakeview Park (6300 Mendota Avenue). Trails are groomed for both skating and diagonal striding. Grooming for skating can be done with a minimal of 2 inches of snow, depending on the base established. Trails will be groomed Mondays and Fridays, weather permitting. Skiing will be allowed from 8:00am-8:00pm.  For more information regarding trail conditions, please visit www.madnorski.org

The Lakeview Park Trail is a beginner trail and is one-third of a mile. The Pleasant View Golf Course has four loop trails, with varying degrees of difficulty, and lengths up to two and one half miles. There is no fee to use the trails. Orchid Heights is no longer available for cross country skiing.

The Clubhouse is open at Pleasant View as a warming house on Sundays from 10:00am-4:00pm.

Ice Rinks - CLOSED for the season.  (updated 3/14/17)
Listed below are the park areas which have ice skating facilities. The rinks are flooded and cleared, as weather permits.

Parkside Heights Park: 3300 Northbrook Drive
Stricker Pond
Middleton Hills 
Esser Pond