Parks & Facilities

Park Responsibilities

The Middleton Public Lands Recreation & Forestry Department oversees all parks and facilities within the City of Middleton. The Department is responsible for all reservations, planning, maintenance and yearly improvements on the land within its jurisdiction. The Middleton Parks include six community parks, six neighborhood parks, eight mini parks, which include a Splash Pad and Dog Exercise Park.

We offer reservations of facilities at Lakeview Park, Firemen’s Park, Parisi Park, and Orchid Heights Park. Please visit the Rentals and Reservations page to reserve your shelter today!

City Park Ordinance Review

  1. Park hours are 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. 
  2. No person shall dump rubbish or other material in any park.
  3. No person shall permit any dog, cat or other pet owned by, or under the care or control of him or her to run at large in any park, except that dogs are permitted in designated dog exercise areas. Pets shall be allowed on leash, no longer than six feet, on trails and pathways only. All pet waste must be picked up and disposed of off park property. Bags, scoops, or other appropriate implements for the removal of pet waste must be carried by any person bringing a pet onto park property.
  4. No person shall discharge any gun, rocket, or fireworks in any park.
  5. No person shall strike a golf ball in any park.
  6. Fishing and boating are allowed in any park during regular park hours.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any park, with the exception of Firemen's and Lakeview Parks.

Facility Overview

Park Facility and Services Overview

Dog Exercise Park

Dog Exercise Area Brochure

Quarry Skate Park

Quarry Park Skate Facility Rules
The Skate Park is currently OPEN. (updated 4/20/18)
Please respect posted hours and rules.The Public Lands Division reserves the right to close the facility at anytime without notice for vandalism, repairs, and unsafe conditions.

Splash Pad

Enjoy the Middleton Public Lands new Splash Pad in Lakeview Park, thanks to generous funding by Madison Community Foundation and American Girl Fund for Children. This new water playground is fully accessible, extremely safe for all ages, and, best of all, free admission. It is open Memorial Day through Labor Day. Hours of operation are from 9:00am-7:00pm.

Memorial Bench & Table Program

Purchase a memorial bench or table today in memory of a loved one.